Covid-19 Update on Services at FBC

Covid Compliant Services 

The Church is open for a single live service.


Services will be different to what we expect of a normal service, as we comply with Government guidance and legislation to keep everyone safe.  Sadly we will not be allowed to sing but we do have live music to lead us in worship and weather permitting meet outside at the end of the service under strict conditions to sing.

Service at 10:30

Our risk assessment requires the following by all those attending

1) Please do not attend if you are symptomatic or suspect you potentially have Covid-19. Or attend if you are required to isolate as per government guidelines for contact with a positive Covid person or travelling restrictions.

2) If you are vulnerable due to age or health we would ask you to consider carefully whether to attend as we cannot guarantee safety only take reasonable efforts to mitigate them.

3) You are required to wear a face covering that covers your mouth and nose at all times. Unless you have a health reason for not doing so. Other options can be explored such as visors if this is the case. Please place this on before entering the Church property.

4) You must not enter the Church Building until invited to do so by stewards and must whilst on Church Property abide by socially distancing rules (including the car park).

5) Prior to attending please sign up on Church Suite. If a regular attendee you will receive an invite to complete. If you are a visitor please provide your details to the stewards. Please see link above to events.

6) Please wash your hands on entry with the anti-bacterial wash provided upon entering and at points in the church.

7) Stewards will guide you to a seat. Seats will be populated from the front to the back with clear rows and seats between each family group/bubble. 

8) Please remain in your seats once seated.

9) Stewards will ensure a safe route to the toilets avoiding unnecessary social contact. Only one person is allowed in the toilets at a time.

10) Other areas in the church are out of bounds, including classrooms, kitchen, upstairs and the hall.

11) Sadly singing is not permitted to avoid spreading of germs, we ask persons to keep their speech low when awaiting the service to avoid persons talking loudly.

12) Music will be played during songs at a low volume.

13) The pastor will be the only person without a face mask when preaching and maintaining their social distance.

14) At the end of the service stewards will guide you one row at a time commencing from the front to the side fire exit, where it is asked you do not gather in church premises.

15) Seats will be cleaned and touch surfaces cleaned between each service.

16) Sadly failure to comply with the requirements as part of our risk assessment may result in you not being able to remain so we ask you assist us with all aspects of compliance for the safety of all.